Monday, May 25, 2009


 I went to Birmingham, a few weeks ago, but I haven't posted pics yet.
I had gotten so homesick and with all the stress of our house search, I couldn't get there fast enough. As always much fun was had...

Me and the bro.
We got matching tats. Somehow mine ended up being bigger...maybe cause someone changed theirs at the last minute? I dunno...
I also finally got my peace sign tattoo.
Me and the mom.
There was a little of this:
And a little of that:
Izzy! She climbed into my lap numerous times. She's so sweet.
My uncle and dad grilling out.

We went to see my dad at the shop. I was excited to finally see some of the things he's been working on. He built this cabinet!
FYI this machine will make you yawn when in use. You may need to click the picture to see why. My mom and I thought this was hilarious and my dad thought we were weird. Nothing has changed. haha
On Sunday afternoon, a tornado came through. The sirens kept going off and that's the cue to go out onto the front porch, right? I have become mildly obsessed with weather, something I got from my dad...apparently. There is nothing quite like a thunderstorm at my parents house.
The older I get the harder it is to be away from my family.

(I made Zac some tea in his favorite mug.)


Vickie said...

This post was interesting until I got to the picture of that machine. BLAAAAH.... BTW, I like storms, too.
It was fun to have you here with us. I miss you.

Amby said...

I knew you would say that about the storms! It's only the nerdy tracking of the storm that I got from him. You made me love them once they arrived.

I miss you, too.

Hollyrocks said...

Your family is so cute! I noticed the new tattoo at Blue Dome, but I couldn't fully convince myself that it was new so I didn't say anything. It's so sweet that you and your bro got matching ones! I love the peace sign too, it looks really hot. You sexy hippie chick!

Jenny.Lee said...

I'm so glad you got to spend some quality time with the family. Your new tattoo makes me want another one really really bad!!!

Rheea said...

Aww.. you and your mom look more like sisters! I don't mean you look old but your mom look really young. And both of you are so pretty!

Ps: I love Izzy.