Friday, December 05, 2008

Merry Early Christmas to Me.

I have some last minute things to do tonight for a craft show I have tomorrow and of course I'm procrastinating and posting a blog! 

Nathan got me an early Christmas present this week, an iPhone! Needless to say it has made me a happy, very organized lady. Nathan said it would change my life and I already agree.

I've had a very long day today, running errands and making some last minute items. I decided I deserved a treat, so I'm having a bowl of popcorn with M&M's sprinkled on top. Delicious! 

If you're in Tulsa come see the Craft Mafia tomorrow at the Darnaby Arts and Crafts show. The show is held at Union's I-High at 71st and Garnett. It's free to get in!! They will have a Chickfila trailer setup. If you've done many craft shows you know the food choices usually consist of nachos and hot dogs. I looove me some Chickfila!

I must get back to work, since this post is becoming about food. 


Jenny.Lee said...

Oh I am so jealous! Hmmm maybe I should drop a few hints Zane's way. ;) Coffee Monday right?

Marie said...

What a great gift!

I am still grateful for Dan buying me my Treo a few years ago. It's my manager. Without it, things don't get done on time ... if they get done at all.

Anonymous said...

that is so sweet! I got Arnie one for Christmas but only so I could play Pac man (I just didn't tell him that). love ya