Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday night.

Part of my problem with posting frequently are photos! I think it's boring to post without a photo, but I'm too lazy sometimes to take the photo, upload, edit, upload to blogger...gah. 
Soo, I'm finding photo booth to be way more convenient. 

Tonight, I am hanging on the couch with my latest knitting 
project, new (new to us at least) episodes of The Wire, and peanut butter cookies made from the dough I bought from our cute 8 year old neighbor next door.

Intensely, watching the Wire while knitting a cowl.

Reese's Peanut Butter cookie.

Snoozing cat to my right.

I've still been having to monitor Sherman pretty closely. On Friday, I thought I might have to take him into the vet again, but instead he's on a strict regimen of medicine, watered down wet food and kisses, all of which will hopefully help him get back to normal. 


Anonymous said...

The Wire is fantastic! I love Bodie so much! and Bubbles! They make life better...hehee!

Marie said...

Can I offer some advice?

I stopped uploading my pictures to my blog software a long time ago - even before I left Blogger to go to Wordpress.

I use Picasa - almost exclusively. Once you upload the pictures from your cam to your computer. You just click the Picasa software and it can upload them to the web. From there, you just use the "Insert Link" code to paste the pictures in your blog. It's so much easier. No waiting for the pictures to upload to Blogger and no fiddling with the layout. You put the pictures where you want them and they stay there. (Of course, you have to do that from the HTML side, but you knew that right?)

Amby said...

Thank you, Marie! I will try that. I definitely need something simpler.