Monday, November 24, 2008


I can't stop yawning!!! I worked a much longer day today and I can feel it. Not to mention Sherman keeps waking me up at 6 a.m. by hitting the blinds or acting like he's going to knock my lamp off the night table. He used to pull it all the way off, but now he knows he can just tap it a little and I will jump awake. Annoying. (Yes, he is feeling better.)

Sooo, my weekend. Nathan was out of town all weekend re-filming scenes from a short film he is in. He gets shot in the movie. I've seen only photos so far and they're pretty graphic. I hear he did a great job though. I missed him, but I was so busy the entire time he was gone!

I have pics to post from the knit night on Thursday. There was a great turn out. I will get those posted for you tomorrow. The craft mafia setup at a show on Saturday that ended up being a bit of a bust. Eh. People don't seem to understand the difference in handmade and made in China. 

Tonight, I'm working on a new bobby pin display. It will find a new home over at Ida Red. The bobby pins are in high demand apparently! 

I'm really pumped about Thanksgiving. I start getting homesick this time of year. We're going to Nathan's parents on Thursday for a low key day. It will be nice to spend the day with family. I'm also really craving some turkey. 

One more thing, congrats to my friend Jenny who got married on Saturday!!

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Heather said...

Sorry the craft show thing was a bust, but congrats on the Collective show next month! I heard the Craft Mafia is doing a special show there. Cant wait to see it!~