Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Great Debate: Dressing vs. Stuffing

At this moment I am making this, my grandmother's recipe for cornbread dressing, the absolute most delicious recipe in my book. (Ok, well I omit the celery, because it is the one veggie I will never like. It's hard for me to even smell it.) Moving along, so being an Alabama a girl, I was raised eating dressing with my turkey. When I moved to Oklahoma suddenly there was stuffing and people who were ok with eating it, something that was often frowned upon by my elders, mainly my mom. (She is a make it from scratch cook.) There is always a debate over the meanings of each and which is the best. I did a little research a.k.a. googling and found this hilarious article from Georgia.  My favorite quote being: "Southerners think cornbread dressing is the food - or at least the side dish - of the gods, while Yankees think stuffing is the only way to go." I also learned when I moved here that only Southerners still refer to people from the north as Yankees. So anyway, stuffing makes me think of something from a box, that is usually shaped like bread crumbs and is rarely actually stuffed in a turkey. Dressing on the other hand has a smoother more firm consistency and is made from cornbread. It has become an irreplaceable component of my Thanksgiving feast. It reminds me of home, specifically my mom and grandmother's cooking. I think people probably prefer whichever they were raised with. 

Which do you eat on Thanksgiving?


Brigid said...

I don't eat either one, but I think my family uses both terms. I guess I never really paid attention. Grey made stuffing this year, which will certainly not be stuffed in anything. Growing up, my Grama did put the stuffing inside the bird. That may be why I never ate it.

tammy said...

Dressing is the only way to go!!!! Stuffing is for people that don't know how to cook.

Amby said...

Haha. It's because of you and my mom that I am such a cooking snob!