Friday, November 28, 2008

Knitting fool.

Just added new cowls to my shop and I'm offering free shipping!

I'm having a giveaway on The Knit Owl blog. Head on over and leave a comment for a chance to win a Rainy Day Wall Cloud! Ends Nov. 30 at midnight!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Great Debate: Dressing vs. Stuffing

At this moment I am making this, my grandmother's recipe for cornbread dressing, the absolute most delicious recipe in my book. (Ok, well I omit the celery, because it is the one veggie I will never like. It's hard for me to even smell it.) Moving along, so being an Alabama a girl, I was raised eating dressing with my turkey. When I moved to Oklahoma suddenly there was stuffing and people who were ok with eating it, something that was often frowned upon by my elders, mainly my mom. (She is a make it from scratch cook.) There is always a debate over the meanings of each and which is the best. I did a little research a.k.a. googling and found this hilarious article from Georgia.  My favorite quote being: "Southerners think cornbread dressing is the food - or at least the side dish - of the gods, while Yankees think stuffing is the only way to go." I also learned when I moved here that only Southerners still refer to people from the north as Yankees. So anyway, stuffing makes me think of something from a box, that is usually shaped like bread crumbs and is rarely actually stuffed in a turkey. Dressing on the other hand has a smoother more firm consistency and is made from cornbread. It has become an irreplaceable component of my Thanksgiving feast. It reminds me of home, specifically my mom and grandmother's cooking. I think people probably prefer whichever they were raised with. 

Which do you eat on Thanksgiving?

Monday, November 24, 2008


I can't stop yawning!!! I worked a much longer day today and I can feel it. Not to mention Sherman keeps waking me up at 6 a.m. by hitting the blinds or acting like he's going to knock my lamp off the night table. He used to pull it all the way off, but now he knows he can just tap it a little and I will jump awake. Annoying. (Yes, he is feeling better.)

Sooo, my weekend. Nathan was out of town all weekend re-filming scenes from a short film he is in. He gets shot in the movie. I've seen only photos so far and they're pretty graphic. I hear he did a great job though. I missed him, but I was so busy the entire time he was gone!

I have pics to post from the knit night on Thursday. There was a great turn out. I will get those posted for you tomorrow. The craft mafia setup at a show on Saturday that ended up being a bit of a bust. Eh. People don't seem to understand the difference in handmade and made in China. 

Tonight, I'm working on a new bobby pin display. It will find a new home over at Ida Red. The bobby pins are in high demand apparently! 

I'm really pumped about Thanksgiving. I start getting homesick this time of year. We're going to Nathan's parents on Thursday for a low key day. It will be nice to spend the day with family. I'm also really craving some turkey. 

One more thing, congrats to my friend Jenny who got married on Saturday!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


So today was long. I took product photos all afternoon and have been listing things in my shop all evening. I'm really excited, because I finished some really pretty knit items. I just listed this cowl in my shop. There will be more of these in other colors coming soon! 

Speaking of knitting, Thursday night I'm having a knit night at Ida Red in Brookside. If you live in Tulsa, you should come knit with us. If you don't know how we'll teach you. If you don't want to learn, that's sad, but you can come and just hang out and maybe have some cupcakes! It will be a good time!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Friday

"Happiness" by one of my all time favs, Goldfrapp.

It was good luck.

You may remember last year on the 13th a little black kitten appeared at my door. 

Well, 1 year later she's still tiny and delicate, but thinks she is really tough. She is the resident bug killer and has been known to growl when unhappy. Nathan told her "no" one day and she hissed back at him, all 8 pounds. What she wouldn't want you to know is that she's actually really sweet and cuddles beside me every night. 

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday night.

Part of my problem with posting frequently are photos! I think it's boring to post without a photo, but I'm too lazy sometimes to take the photo, upload, edit, upload to blogger...gah. 
Soo, I'm finding photo booth to be way more convenient. 

Tonight, I am hanging on the couch with my latest knitting 
project, new (new to us at least) episodes of The Wire, and peanut butter cookies made from the dough I bought from our cute 8 year old neighbor next door.

Intensely, watching the Wire while knitting a cowl.

Reese's Peanut Butter cookie.

Snoozing cat to my right.

I've still been having to monitor Sherman pretty closely. On Friday, I thought I might have to take him into the vet again, but instead he's on a strict regimen of medicine, watered down wet food and kisses, all of which will hopefully help him get back to normal. 

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Only in America can you get a free cup of coffee and a donut for voting.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Sherman's home!

I picked him up today!

People keep asking me what happened, so I figured I might as well explain. He had urinary blockage, which kept him from being able to go to the bathroom and had we not taken him in it would have caused kidney failure within a few days. The vet cleared the blockage and monitored him over the weekend to make sure it didn't happen again. Now to prevent it he will be on prescription food. I'm doing research, so I can fully understand and to see if I have any other food options. Has anyone else ever dealt with this? I'm not sure yet how this new feeding schedule will work with 3 cats. So yeah. It's been a stressful weekend. I'm glad to have my little buddy back home. The vet said he was a special kitty and they enjoyed having him. 
He has been talking non-stop since we got home.
 I'm sure he is trying to tell me about his recent adventures. ;-)