Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What's up my babies?

Sooo, my long Indie Emporium weekend is over. I had so much fun and the event was very successful for  everyone. We gave out 100 goody bags within the first hour! I posted some pics over at my other blog. It's a little confusing having two blogs. If you haven't already, please bookmark my new blog and head over to check out my Indie Emporium pictures. 

In other news, I'm on a huge baking kick this week. It's been rainy and cold here and I can't think of anything more perfect than baking. I'm going to post some recipes in the next few days. 

Happy hump day! haha...that's some office lingo for ya. 


Jenny.Lee said...

How about I skip the baking part and just eat what you baked? It's a lot safer that way! ;)

Amby said...

I just baked pumpkin bread and I know how much you like it. Maybe you should stop by?

Jenny.Lee said...

i would love too! pumpkin bread would be fantastic right about now!

Marie said...

I can barely keep up with the one blog I have. I don't know how you manage two.

I love this time of year for all the good food, mostly made from apples and pumpkins.