Friday, October 31, 2008

Sherman Sale

I get to pick up my little buddy on Monday. It's weird not to have him at the house. Isabell and Ele have no one to cuddle with and heaven forbid they come within a foot of each other. The vet said he's doing well. He has a cone around his neck to keep him from pulling out his IV and catheter. I'm thinking he's going to need a hug when he gets home. 

So as for the sale, everything in my shop will have free shipping between now and November 15. All proceeds will go towards Sherman's vet bill. Since it's almost Christmas time you can stock up on key fobs, pillows, totes, whatever suits your fancy and I will ship it to you for free! All the items in my store are already updated with free shipping. I will be updating my shop this weekend with some new items. Visit my store here!

Feel free to repost this on your blog or myspace. I'd like to get the word out. Thank you!!!

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this20sgirl said...

Poor Sherman. :(