Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Perfect Autumn.

Would you like to know how to create the perfect Autumn? For me it's all about fragrance in the fall. It sets the mood for open windows, a cool breeze and falling leaves. I have a couple of specific favorites that I run to this time of year. I stepped into Bath and Body Works the other day and picked up my favorite fragrance, Pumpkin. They only have it this time of year and that's really the only reason I ever go in there. I normally buy the candle, but it smelled slightly different than normal, so I settled for the oil. I hate when companies alter products that were already wonderful! I bought one of these candles my first fall in Tulsa. I was a newlywed and enjoyed decorating our apartment for the season. Fall table anyone?
Now, if you'd rather support handmade products, then I have another amazing recommendation. My friend Christine, a fellow craft mafier, makes a Pumpkin Vanilla candle. I go nuts over it every time we do a show together. They all probably think I'm kinda weird. It reminds me of Indie Emporium last year, which was my first show ever. She doesn't have any candles listed at the moment, but I bet if you message her she'll post one for you. They smell good without even burning them! Here's her store: such.pretty.things

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