Monday, September 29, 2008

Organizing my addiction.

The biggest problem that I have in my sewing room is figuring out how the heck to sort all of my fabric!! I'm so addicted to buying fabric, but I made a deal with myself not to buy anymore until I could figure out a good way to organize it. I finally decided on rolling it and stacking it on my shelf. That way I can see more of what I have. Since my shelf, which already held my fabric collapsed whilst I was moving it across the room, it was the perfect opportunity. (I don't like to wait for help. I just go for it even if this provokes obscenities.)

My BFF Sherman helped me. By "helped" I mean he took a nap while I organized.

Apparently, I only took Sherman pictures and none of the finished shelf. ha.


Jenny.Lee said...

You've been tagged. ;)

Estela said...

hahahaha sherman is precious!

Marie said...

I love this open shelf idea of yours. I keep all my fabric in a plastic drawer assembly and it's difficult to see what I have at a glance.
I'm so glad Sherman kept you amused during the process.