Sunday, September 14, 2008

If only there had been cameras today...

My day was weird.

It started this morning when we noticed a bike laying across the street from our driveway. After further inspection, we realize someone had ditched their bike because they had stolen Nathan's!! We have never had problems like this in our neighborhood. We were pretty mad and were thinking someone might come back to get the bike on the street. I suggested we chain it to the street sign so they can't take it. Nathan suggests that is illegal. Shortly after this the stray kitty shows up at my porch. I should give some back story. A cute little black cat has been frequenting our front porch. She comes and goes as she pleases.  We think she may be Ele's sister as they look alike and seem approximately the same age. We really don't need a 4th cat and have just put food out for her instead. So the kitty was on my front porch this morning with a collar on. At first I thought that was good because it meant she had a home! Upon further inspection I noticed there was a note duck taped to the collar! I opened the note and it read, "Dear Mom and/or Dad, If you insist on letting me run free at least put a collar on me with a city license number, so when I am hit by a car they will know who to call." I am not even kidding you that is what it said!! So that creeped me out and I immediately began trying to think of people who would be interested in adopting her. I sent out a mass text message and called my friend Annette who has a cat shelter in Owasso. She said she didn't have the space for another kitty, but would give her shots for free. A girl that I work with called and said she was interested in meeting the kitty and perhaps adopting her, well by this time the kitty had finished eating and run off. I realized I never reattached the collar and note and couldn't decide whether this was a good or bad thing. Would this infuriate the crazy cat person in my neighborhood even further? Nor did I have any clue how to find her again for the girl to come meet her.  So afternoon comes and our friend Matt, who Nathan had played drums with over the weekend, comes by to drop off Nathan's drums. He had another guy with him, who points at the bike laying across the street and says it's his friends bike!! I'm not even kidding. We tell him that Nathan's bike was stolen earlier that morning. So he calls the owner of the bike who tells him HIS bike was stolen DOWNTOWN the night before!!!!!!!! You can't make this stuff up. Apparently, someone stole his bike that was chained in front of a restaurant downtown, then they rode all the way to our neighborhood, somehow spotted Nathan's bike, ditched their first bike and rode off on his (which had 2 flat tires, by the way). Also, what are the chances that someone came to our house today and recognized that bike? Matt was originally going to come by yesterday. Needless to say, Nathan misses his bike, but I may have found a home for the kitty.

I have to get some sleep. Today was like a dark comedy or something.


Renee said...

That's cray-cray! Always seems to happen in three's though.. I can't really even comment on any of the things that happened because my mind hurts trying to figure everything out! WEIRD!

Jenny.Lee said...

So bizarre. I with Renee..I don't even know what to say.