Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Fourth Kitty.

Don't you worry, we aren't keeping her! As sweet as she is, we thought it best to try and find her a home. I think I found the perfect person, too. A girl I work with who is a student and lives alone. She is a first time cat owner and I think she will soon be a full-fledged cat person. This is one of the sweetest kitties. She had to stay the night in our bathroom and barely made a peep. Every time I went in to see her she purred and rubbed against my leg. She looks a lot like Ele in the face, so it may be her sister. Her coloring is beautiful! Nathan and I were sad to see her go, but I know she'll get lots of love and attention in her new home! 


Jenny.Lee said...

I wish I wasn't allergic to cats. :( She's a cutie.

GF said...

Maybe the next one that shows up can move to Birmingham.