Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Almost time to burn caramel candles...

Hello. Sorry my posting has been so sparse. Nathan was out of town all weekend and I secluded to my sewing room. I barely even ventured out to the rest of the house. I caught up on a lot of custom orders that had sort of fallen to the wayside. The weather is beautiful today, which means it's cloudy, breezy and cool. We're both working in the living room today with the windows open. So nice. There is no relevance to this photo except it's cute.

My busy season is quickly approaching and I couldn't be more excited! Fall is the best time to do craft shows. I'll be at the Autumn Harvest show Sept. 20 @ Bishop Kelley high school. I'm going to have lots of new stuff! Ooh and I will also be launching a new blog...more soon.


Jenny.Lee said...

New blog...do tell!

Vickie said...

Ideas for blog names: three katz kraft korner,
the evil spawn project, princess lauren's pretty pillows, trendy indie trinkets... the list is just endless....oh and there's always book chat