Monday, September 29, 2008

Organizing my addiction.

The biggest problem that I have in my sewing room is figuring out how the heck to sort all of my fabric!! I'm so addicted to buying fabric, but I made a deal with myself not to buy anymore until I could figure out a good way to organize it. I finally decided on rolling it and stacking it on my shelf. That way I can see more of what I have. Since my shelf, which already held my fabric collapsed whilst I was moving it across the room, it was the perfect opportunity. (I don't like to wait for help. I just go for it even if this provokes obscenities.)

My BFF Sherman helped me. By "helped" I mean he took a nap while I organized.

Apparently, I only took Sherman pictures and none of the finished shelf. ha.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

3 Years

Another reason I love the fall is because that's when I got married. Today is our 3rd anniversary. I'd really like to share the story of how we met sometime. It's really crazy.
 Here is a video of our processional mixed with some photos.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Perfect Autumn.

Would you like to know how to create the perfect Autumn? For me it's all about fragrance in the fall. It sets the mood for open windows, a cool breeze and falling leaves. I have a couple of specific favorites that I run to this time of year. I stepped into Bath and Body Works the other day and picked up my favorite fragrance, Pumpkin. They only have it this time of year and that's really the only reason I ever go in there. I normally buy the candle, but it smelled slightly different than normal, so I settled for the oil. I hate when companies alter products that were already wonderful! I bought one of these candles my first fall in Tulsa. I was a newlywed and enjoyed decorating our apartment for the season. Fall table anyone?
Now, if you'd rather support handmade products, then I have another amazing recommendation. My friend Christine, a fellow craft mafier, makes a Pumpkin Vanilla candle. I go nuts over it every time we do a show together. They all probably think I'm kinda weird. It reminds me of Indie Emporium last year, which was my first show ever. She doesn't have any candles listed at the moment, but I bet if you message her she'll post one for you. They smell good without even burning them! Here's her store: such.pretty.things

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I am excited to share that The Knit Owl can now be found in Alabama! There are rings and pins available at Red Rain in Homewood on 18th St. If you live in Birmingham, it's totally cool if you want to go in and say, "Oh wow! You sell The Knit Owl! I love this stuff!" Just an idea. Either way please stop and check them out. I'm happy to be selling in my hometown now!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Fourth Kitty.

Don't you worry, we aren't keeping her! As sweet as she is, we thought it best to try and find her a home. I think I found the perfect person, too. A girl I work with who is a student and lives alone. She is a first time cat owner and I think she will soon be a full-fledged cat person. This is one of the sweetest kitties. She had to stay the night in our bathroom and barely made a peep. Every time I went in to see her she purred and rubbed against my leg. She looks a lot like Ele in the face, so it may be her sister. Her coloring is beautiful! Nathan and I were sad to see her go, but I know she'll get lots of love and attention in her new home! 

Sunday, September 14, 2008

If only there had been cameras today...

My day was weird.

It started this morning when we noticed a bike laying across the street from our driveway. After further inspection, we realize someone had ditched their bike because they had stolen Nathan's!! We have never had problems like this in our neighborhood. We were pretty mad and were thinking someone might come back to get the bike on the street. I suggested we chain it to the street sign so they can't take it. Nathan suggests that is illegal. Shortly after this the stray kitty shows up at my porch. I should give some back story. A cute little black cat has been frequenting our front porch. She comes and goes as she pleases.  We think she may be Ele's sister as they look alike and seem approximately the same age. We really don't need a 4th cat and have just put food out for her instead. So the kitty was on my front porch this morning with a collar on. At first I thought that was good because it meant she had a home! Upon further inspection I noticed there was a note duck taped to the collar! I opened the note and it read, "Dear Mom and/or Dad, If you insist on letting me run free at least put a collar on me with a city license number, so when I am hit by a car they will know who to call." I am not even kidding you that is what it said!! So that creeped me out and I immediately began trying to think of people who would be interested in adopting her. I sent out a mass text message and called my friend Annette who has a cat shelter in Owasso. She said she didn't have the space for another kitty, but would give her shots for free. A girl that I work with called and said she was interested in meeting the kitty and perhaps adopting her, well by this time the kitty had finished eating and run off. I realized I never reattached the collar and note and couldn't decide whether this was a good or bad thing. Would this infuriate the crazy cat person in my neighborhood even further? Nor did I have any clue how to find her again for the girl to come meet her.  So afternoon comes and our friend Matt, who Nathan had played drums with over the weekend, comes by to drop off Nathan's drums. He had another guy with him, who points at the bike laying across the street and says it's his friends bike!! I'm not even kidding. We tell him that Nathan's bike was stolen earlier that morning. So he calls the owner of the bike who tells him HIS bike was stolen DOWNTOWN the night before!!!!!!!! You can't make this stuff up. Apparently, someone stole his bike that was chained in front of a restaurant downtown, then they rode all the way to our neighborhood, somehow spotted Nathan's bike, ditched their first bike and rode off on his (which had 2 flat tires, by the way). Also, what are the chances that someone came to our house today and recognized that bike? Matt was originally going to come by yesterday. Needless to say, Nathan misses his bike, but I may have found a home for the kitty.

I have to get some sleep. Today was like a dark comedy or something.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Three Katz Kraft Korner.

It was down-pouring all yesterday. So, I made brunswick stew and cornbread, cause that's the appropriate meal. Yum! Nonetheless, I persevered through the yawns and listed some new things in my etsy shop. You can go look. 
As for my new blog, I now officially have The Knit Owl blog. It will be a part of my new website, which is almost finished. My hot web designer has been working away to get it ready! I appreciate the blog title suggestions and even though I'm a sucker for alliteration, I will pass on "Three Katz Kraft Korner." I especially dislike when k is substituted for c. What is that about? I'd prefer to hear nails run down a chalkboard. I think my mom agrees and that's why she suggested it...

Here's my new blog: The Knit Owl Blog

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Almost time to burn caramel candles...

Hello. Sorry my posting has been so sparse. Nathan was out of town all weekend and I secluded to my sewing room. I barely even ventured out to the rest of the house. I caught up on a lot of custom orders that had sort of fallen to the wayside. The weather is beautiful today, which means it's cloudy, breezy and cool. We're both working in the living room today with the windows open. So nice. There is no relevance to this photo except it's cute.

My busy season is quickly approaching and I couldn't be more excited! Fall is the best time to do craft shows. I'll be at the Autumn Harvest show Sept. 20 @ Bishop Kelley high school. I'm going to have lots of new stuff! Ooh and I will also be launching a new blog...more soon.