Thursday, August 28, 2008

I may have to start paying him for this...

I think Jackson is my new unofficial model. The past two days that I've kept him, he's helped me photograph some new key fobs and rings. He thought it was fun, but couldn't quite understand why I was taking pictures of these things. I told him I sell them on the Internet. He asked me where I got them and I said I made them, which he then asked how so I explained to him how I make them. I don't think he really understood, but who knows maybe he'll take up sewing. :-)

Banana Etiquette?

I was just at the grocery store and walked over to the bananas. I only needed two, but rarely are there two just laying there. So I grabbed a bunch and very carefully pulled two off. A guy that worked at the grocery store was standing there and very obviously walked over and made a face. He looked over at the bunch where I had pulled the two from like I had done something wrong. Is this some unspoken grocery store rule I missed? Sorry that I don't want to buy SIX bananas, because I cannot eat that many before they go bad. Even though I always think "oh I'll just make banana bread". I always run out of time to make the bread before the bananas get past the line of ok to still consume and then I will feel wasteful. Seriously, some people need to take a chill pill.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Indie Emporium Ad Rates

So the 2nd Annual Indie Emporium is coming up October 10 & 11. If you don't remember from last year, it's Tulsa's indie craft show! We're still selling advertising space for our program. It will be handed out to everyone that comes to the event and we are expecting a crowd this year! If you have a small business or craft business that you would like to promote this would be a great affordable way. If you're interested let me know or you can email Christine.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Berry, Berry Delicious!

I've been making smoothies in the morning and they are delicious! So I thought I would share this super simple formula. 

-Buy the frozen fruit of your choice. I got strawberries and blueberries. Buying frozen fruits eliminates the need for ice. 

-You can add non-frozen fruit. I threw a banana in there. 

-Add about 1/2 a cup of water. This makes is easier to blend and drink.

-You could also add protein powder or rum. Depending on how you want your day to go... ;-)


-Pour and Enjoy. 

It's berry, berry delicious! You have to be corny and say that...

<--- This one has just strawberry and banana on top hence the different colors. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Weekend Home.

So I finally went to Birmingham weekend before last. I hadn't been home in 8 months, which is crazy. Here's my relaxing room at my parents house. Oooh.

And here is my family. Can you tell we took this ourselves?

I finally got to meet my niece dog, Izzy. She's sooo cute. 

To the right is a pic of my brother and me that pretty much sums us up.

Here is my Mom and Dad. You should check out my Mom's blog if you haven't. She's the Martha Stewart of Alabama. For sure. 

I tried to get as much done as I could in a short weekend. I got to see my mom's family, because it was my great grandmothers 95th birthday!! I also have big news! The Knit Owl is coming to Birmingham. I'm going to be selling in a store in Homewood. More on that soon! I wanted to finally update about my trip. 

Monday, August 18, 2008

This might make you cry...

My mom sent me this. I wanted to share, because I know some of you are also animal lovers. Yeah, Isabell, Sherman and Ele got big hugs.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Multimedia message

Flying above the clouds as Annie Lennox's "Heaven"plays on my ipod.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Knit Owl in Urban Tulsa.

Christine and I are in Urban Tulsa this week!

See the full article here.

Crafting a New Niche
Local ladies turn old into new with handmade designs


Amby Barnes had always been a seamstress. Her crafting resume eventually expanded to include knitting as well. She soon found herself making bags, totes really, just for fun. Exploring the Internet for craft forums, she came across a link to Tulsa Craft Mafia. All of these separate elements came together in the creation of The Knit Owl, the craft business Barnes started in 2007.

The Tulsa Craft Mafia describes itself as "a great way to meet like-minded people, learn new crafty skills and get exposure for your indie business." All members have an established craft business, which can include selling crafts in area markets, at local shows or at Members meet once a month to showcase new products and provide tutorials on crafts, like screen printing or knitting, in order to get more people involved in crafting. In general, it's a support group for crafters beginning or continuing a business.

The Knit Owl's name came from Barnes' love of knitting. Additionally, at the time she began The Knit Owl, owls were becoming trendy again, and Barnes found herself collecting them. She also thought it was a fun wordplay on "night owl." In the year since she made her debut at Tulsa's Indie Emporium, The Knit Owl has spread locally and even internationally. What started with bags now includes rings, wristlet key fobs, fabric headbands, pins, earrings, pillows, wall art and coasters with all of The Knit Owl fashions and home accessories made from vintage fabrics. This, Barnes said, is where she really has fun. Hunting down the vintage fabric, whether through someone's grandmother or other outlets, and then turning them into something new entirely is what inspires her. Seeing a striped, floral or other patterned fabric might inspire her to make a new type of bag. (continue reading here)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I think I'm melting.

I've been adding lots of new things to my Etsy store, including this cute little hedgehog ring! I'm trying to get 100 items in my shop! 

You can check out what I've got here: The Knit Owl

This is the time of year that I don't like Tulsa. It's gross hot. The humidity here is not like anything else I've experienced and I grew up going to Florida in the summer. The air here is thick and immediately upon stepping outdoors you feel sticky and sweaty. I keep telling myself to be strong for one more month and then FALL will be upon us! 

Fall also means that the 2nd annual Indie Emporium is quickly approaching!!! I'm very excited! It will be October 10-11. We've already begun preparations and it's going to be even bigger and better than last year. 

Also, this weekend I will be going out of town. I'm heading to Birmingham to see my family. I haven't been home in quite awhile. It's only a short trip, so I'm not sure I'll be able to make my rounds and see all my friends. I hope to come back for longer next time. 

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Bad Influence.

Every once in awhile we catch Sherman on top of the refrigerator. It is not allowed, though he never seems to remember this rule. Convenient. Well, the other night there was an impressionable young mind watching him.

I tried to get onto them, but I was laughing really hard 
and I'm not sure they took me seriously.