Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stop and Hug the Sherman.

Sometimes we get so busy that we forget to stop and hug our loved ones, in my case the cats. They are quick to remind me that they need attention too. I had a crazy long weekend followed by a busy week. I feel like I've gone non-stop from one place to another. Nathan's playing drums in a band now and has had rehearsals from 12-5 everyday this week, because they're  going to Austin next week to record. On top of that he's trying to put the finishing touches on a record he's producing for a band. It seems we've mainly seen each other in passing. Today he was dropping me off at work. I jumped out of the car and he asked when I'd be home. I told him I had a meeting, (I've been going to the Tulsa Women's Collective meetings at the library on Wed.) so around 9. I said it with a sigh, just because it meant another long day away from home. He reminded me that I am finally doing what I've been wanting to do. He said I'm getting to be Amby. It was a reminder of something I had so quickly forgotten. 

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Marie said...

Aww, Sherman is adorable!

And, yes, sometimes it is hard to remember that you are living your dream when you are working so darn hard.