Thursday, May 29, 2008

Part of this Post Scares Me.

So Nathan has been in Austin all week, with his new band, Lewis Carroll. (That's like the best band name ever.) I was totally fine this week except I kept worrying that a roach was going to crawl over my foot if I went into the kitchen at night. It's not that we have a roach problem. It's that I'm a bit terrified of them and the thought of one appearing without someone there to kill it for me does not make me happy. When I moved out of my parents house that was one of my biggest concerns, because I lived alone. There was no one to save me from their deadliness. Yes, I do have 3 cats, but they torture their prey and I don't want to see a roach thrown around on the floor. OMG that sentence makes me nauseous.

I have tried to get a lot of work done, but it seems instead that I just cleaned. I did finally put together a light box for photos. I've been really needing to update my shop. So now I have nice clean photos of my products.

I am thinking it's about time for Nathan to get home. I'm having full on conversations with the cats now. I used to do that when it was just me and Isabell. They respond everytime I ask them questions, so I just keep going. It's cool as long as the answer is "meow". They are very attentive.

I caught this picture of Sherman and Ele on the washer yesterday. Notice that giant Sherman is laying ON TOP of tiny Ele. 


Renee said...

Hah! That is so cute! Her lil buns!

Meg said...

That picture is a little confusing. The physics don't make sense. Anyhoo, see you tumaree!