Monday, January 21, 2008

The Gross Out Factor

I'm not a big watcher of TV. I usually have a lot to do when I'm at home and if I turn it on I get distracted. So one night after a busy weekend, I announced to Nathan and his friend that I would be vegging out on bad TV for the rest of the night, cause sometimes frying your brain is fun. I was flipping by the CW as a new "reality" show started. It's called Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants. Ok so, imagine pageant brats, add their silicone filled old mothers, put them all in a house together, and make them compete. Brilliant! After about 15 minutes and Nathan going "what did they just say?!" from the next room, he and his friend were both sitting next to me on the couch, completely hooked. The women are so serious about it. I kept thinking there is no way they take it this seriously, but they all cry when they get voted off. There is seemingly little depth to the show unless you want to dig into social commentary (another blog in itself), but wow it's funny.

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