Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Merry Early Christmas!

Last weekend was quite busy, buuut fun. Saturday was my holiday party at Dwelling Spaces. Even though it was mainly my friends who came, it was fun. The weather and power outages kept people inside. Stela, who was hosting the party with me, couldn't even come due to slick roads.

Dwelling Spaces
Owl cookies, peppermint bark and pumpkin bread muffins and rings!
The Knit Owl pillows and bags.
The next morning we celebrated Christmas with Nathan's family. His sister, Megan and brother-in-law were leaving town earlier than us, so we celebrated Christmas a week early. I kind of liked it early though. I am so impatient when it comes to PRESENTS.

Green and red paper with yellow yarn was my theme this year. I just think it looks so pretty together. I used to make fun of my mom for having themes. Though I think that was mainly the quilted angel ornaments and clothes pin hung bows on the tree and how dare we hang a nasty sentimental ornament! (Moooom, I love you.)

This is the owl pillow I made for my sister-in-law. I have been wanting to add some owls to my stuff. I thought this little guy was cute.

Nathan's family has a tradition of photographing their presents every year. Sooo, here's what we got. That giant present is Nathan's new easel. You know, if Santa brings me a new camera this year, I will vow to make an attempt to feature people in my pictures. Geeez.

I must say the electric blanket from my mother-in-law is my new friend. Oh man! It's so cozy and warm! Ele loves it, too. I wish I could bring it to work. I am going to take it on the road with us this weekend. Also, Megan got me a magnet that says, "I knit, therefore I rock."
I'd like to think that's true.


Renee said...

You do rock

Knitted Gems said...

Merry Christmas to you!

I love the Owl pillow. It's the best!