Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Tomorrow, we'll be spending Thanksgiving with Nathan's family. This year I will be making my mom and grandmother's delicious corn bread dressing. I'm so excited to make it. I'm a little homesick, so it's comfort food. Nathan isn't a huge fan of dressing, but he really likes this recipe. Try it!

The kitten is settling in nicely. She and the Sherm have become fast friends. I think it's good that he now has an equally energetic playmate. It's also made us realize how sweet he is. He's like a big teddy bear.

Nathan and I can definitely feel a difference having a third cat. Someone is always needing something. I have to keep an eye on the little one like you would a toddler, though I don't think many toddlers can crawl under the couch or behind the washer and dryer. Whenever I lose her I just look for Sherman and he's usually watching her.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Enjoy the food tomorrow!

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