Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cherokee Film Festival

Nathan's short film, "Boy", that he worked on for his friend Drew, was picked to be in the Cherokee Film Festival this past Friday. The festival was held at the Cherokee Casino in Catoosa. So we took a road trip down there and met up with our friend Jared Tyler for the screening. The people working the festival said their film had the biggest turn out all day!

It was Jared and my first time in a casino. We totally felt sucked in. No clocks...oooh!
After gambling our life savings away, ok so we only spent $3, we got hungry. We decided to check out a local joint. The fried chicken was delicious. I haven't had any in like a year. After that we pigged out on candy corns, which are the Cadbury Mini Eggs of fall. Like for real.

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