Thursday, August 30, 2007

Knit Night!

I recently joined a group called the Tulsa Craft Mafia. We get together and do crafts and discuss crafts and plan craft shows, etc. Every night this week we're getting together and working on different things. Last night, the girls came over to learn to knit. Fun was had by all, including Sherman, who seemed to think the night was all about him. Typical.

Sherman was really pumped about knit night, obviously.

So excited that he needed a nap.

It was a dessert potluck. There were brownies, cookies, Italian Creme cake, magic cookie bars and oatsies. Mmm...

For more information on the Tulsa Craft Mafia visit the website:

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Anonymous said...

I always miss the good stuff. So do all of these lovely ladies have their own businesses as well?