Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Buried In Fabric.

So it seems all I do these days between working is sew. I'm preparing for a craft show in October. I thought I would preview some of the things I've been making. (Do you like the super cool banner Nathan made for me?)

I got some super cool (I seem to be overusing this phrase today) vintage fabric from the fleamarket and made this bag. I will be keeping this one, cause it so already has my stuff in it. I'm thinking I need a skirt and maybe a headband. I just love it. What if I was like head to toe in this fabric? Awesome, I smell a new trend. Anyway, since I have a lot more of this fabric I will also be selling some bags like dees one.

This bag was the result of an experiment with a tutorial I found.

These are pillows made from some vintage napkins my mom got for me.

I'm also making lots of headbands and they're reversable.

Tis all for now.


Vickie said...

Very super cool stuff. I love the banner. The owls are so cute and I like the one who just has his feet showing. I wish I could come to the craft show!

Knitted Gems said...

I love the flea market purse and the vintage napkins pillows. Good luck preparing for the craft show!