Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Settling In.

Wow. It's been a crazy two weeks! As of tonight we are completely moved into the house. We're settled in minus the ceiling high stack of things in the dining room. One of our friends suggested we just throw a blanket over it and pretend it isn't there. So far that's the best idea. Even though the house is much bigger than our apartment, we have been quite spoiled by an empty apartment that was across the hall from ours. Our landlord gave us the key and let us use it as storage. Needless to say we'll be having a yard sale in a few weeks.

I really have to thank Nathan, because he has done the majority of the moving all by his lonesome. Not to mention all the lights he's replaced, toilet repair, various leaks, and putting together furniture. He's been amazing. Though some of our friends have pitched in and helped, too. So, thank you to them as well! Tonight, we had an assembly line of friends moving stuff out and into 3 cars. For some reason getting the last load is always the hardest. You get used to seeing things on the wall that you sort of forget, "Oh yeah, we take that too!"

The only ones who haven't helped seem to be the most exhausted.

Here is a picture of the living room. It's the most put together of any of the rooms.

I'll post more pictures as we unpack.

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Renee said...

Yay! It's so awesome and I'm so happy for you guys! Now we have a 'girls only' room and no stinky boys are allowed!