Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sweet, that's just too cliche.

This past weekend I went to Birmingham for a much needed visit with the fam.

Nathan was a little sad that I was leaving, understood. So, I did what my mom always did for Zac and me growing up. I left him a prize to open every day that I was gone. I got him various garden supplies and some snacks. I wanted to help take his mind off the terrible pain of being away from me. :-)

I got to town last Wednesday night and stayed until Monday. We hung out mostly at the house. Though we did venture out for some serious shopping. As if on purpose, Birmingham's shopping has become awesome since I moved away. Each year like clockwork they open another of my favorite stores. I tried to pack light so I'd have room for my new purchases, but I still went over the 50 lb. limit, by 2 lbs! I had to open up my suitcase in the airport and pull out something to carry on.

There was also a lot of Nintendo Wii playing, by playing I mean my mom had to hit me with the Wiimote to win. She did hit me, twice, on "accident" while swinging to hit the ball. I think she was just intimidated by my mad Wii tennis skills. When I say "mad skills" just know that I actually suck really bad at it. I did almost beat Zac at golf, though. Since he doesn't have a blog, lets just say I did beat him, at all the games.

My mom made me the traditional cookie cake for my upcoming "age change." It was REALLY good. If you remember last year. I had to make my own, with some help from my husband.

Zac wanted to steal my cake. Even though he had his own last month. Stealer.

I have another cat, named Ben who lives at my parents house. He mostly stays outside, but while I was home he made it a habit to come in every night and cuddle with me. It was so sweet. He slept by me all night every night, which if you have a cat you know how rarely that happens. My mom said he was meowing by my bedroom door last night. Awww. It makes me want to bring him home, but I'm afraid a third cat would tip the scale of insanity in our apartment.

I'm sorry to all my friends at home who I didn't see. I cling to my mom when I come home and never end up calling my friends to hang out. However, my friend Tisha, who I hadn't seen in a year, came down from Nashville for a night. Next time I come home we're having a party, so I can see everyone. The time always goes by too fast. I've heard this happens more with age. Awesome.

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Betty said...

So glad to hear about your visit to B'ham. Wish I could have seen you. Your relationship with your mom is awesome. I must admit the cookie cake did look a little better than last year's. Your little bags left for Nathan were so sweet. I'm so glad to see that you're developing your mom's sweet habits. I agree that shopping always seems to be much better in a place different from where you live. :o) I like to shop in B'ham. also.