Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Cadbury Tale

If you remember from last year or know me at all. Then you are aware of my favorite candy, Cadbury Mini Eggs. Usually, I have to wait until after V-day to buy them. However, yesterday on Valentine's day Nathan and I were driving by Walgreens when I had an idea.

Me: You know what's in that building right there? ::pointing to Walgreens::
Nathan: No, what?
Me: Somewhere in that building is a box of Cadbury Mini Eggs. Do you think I could talk them into getting them out for me?
Nathan: It's worth a shot. ::as he turns into the parking lot::

I put on a big smile, walked up to the manager and ask if they were in yet, knowing that they were. I explained to him exactly what I was wanting and he said, "One sec, I'll go look." As I waited, I stood in the Valentine's aisle and glared while shaking my head at the men scrambling to get their wives some last minute cheap gift. (Seriously men how hard is it to think ahead? She doesn't want a polyester bear from Walgreens.) After three agonizing minutes, he walks up to me holding 3 bags. "Is this what you're looking for?", he asks. "Yes, I'll take all 3!! Thank you so much I scream!"

When we got home I got out of the car holding Indian food (see my last post) and the bag of eggs. I said, "The perfect night with my 2 favorite things. I mean, 3 favorite things," as I look at Nathan.


Vickie said...

You are such a con. I like the polyester bear I got from Walgreens. You write a little like Rosemary Wells, but with your own Amby style, of course.

Jen said...