Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Mom's going to be so proud.

I grew up with a mother who could sew anything, blazers, pajamas, matching dresses, etc. It always looked unbelievably hard to me so as much as she would beg and plea I was unable to become a seamstress. However, recent developments, i.e. I've started knitting, have made think twice about my decision to live sew free. Knitting has inspired me in a number of ways, sewing is only the beginning.

I forgot to ask for a sewing machine for Christmas. Never one to enjoy paying over lets say about $20, I was pumped to find this gem for $30 at Walgreens...The Dressmaker II with pedal. It says it comes with over "100" accessories! I'm going to ignore the fact that it actually came with about 30 accessories. At least I know it's better than the original Dressmaker, I'm assuming that was the Dressmaker I.

My first project is a knitting bag. Wish me luck! Oh and I will definitely post some pics of the finished project. Now I've gotta go see what this baby can do!


Betty said...

Talent truly runs in your family!

Vickie said...

I love your new high tech toy! And what an AMAZING bargain. Your skills will probably totally max it out.