Saturday, December 02, 2006

Cold Cats.

We took the kitties out in the snow today. It was quite an adventure for them, since they normally only observe the outside from a window. It was getting dark so the video isn't as clear as I had hoped. We may take them out again tomorrow. If you notice we got even more snow since my last video. We have about 6-8".

Before you start feeling bad for Sherman know this is the same kitty that tore open a wet tea bag all over my beige duvet. The same duvet that covers the warm bed he sleeps on every night. He deserves no sympathy.

(For some reason blogger isn't uploading my pictures of Isabell. I'll try reposting them tomorrow.)


Vickie said...

Very funny! I love how deliberate he was with each paw. He needs to learn to frolic.

Vickie said...

When are you going to post another blog? Before 2007 I hope.