Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fingers Were Crossed.

You know what's better than staying home from school because of snow? Staying home from work!! I checked the weather about a hundred times yesterday and watched as the snow got closer and closer. It's finally here and I'm loving it. I have to admit as much as I hate the summers in Tulsa, the city really redeems itself come winter. I mean snow before Christmas?! That's unheard of in Alabama. I had to run out very quickly to take these pictures. The wind chill is 9 degrees.

Here are some photos and a video...

Now you know, I gotta keep my Shermy warm on such a cold day. It was the perfect time to pull out his winter attire.
He appears to be mad at first.

However, he soon realized it was for more than just good looks.


Betty Preast said...

When I saw the weather report last night I thought of you. :o) Wish I were there with you. Loved your video! Make more with you in them. That's the only way I get to see you.
Love you very much,
Aunt Betty

Vickie said...

The snow is so pretty! Sherman looks cuddly in his turtleneck. Did you get your hair cut and highlighted? It looks pretty.

Vickie said...

P.S. Do you and Sherman match?

Amby said...

Yes. We have matching sweaters.