Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Would it be weird to knit on the beach?

So, I had intended to post a beach blog right after I got home. Then I started knitting.
I can't stop. Put in your order for scarves now, I'm on a roll.

However, beach pics were requested.

I think the beach is a magical place, the smell, the sun, the sounds. It's so beautiful.
We danced.

We biked., walked in a line. (Trying to include everyone without using the same pics as my mom.)

We watched birds contemplate life.

We kissed.


Vickie said...

You could knit us all matching outfits to wear for our beach pictures next year. What are you all lined up for anyway?

Mrs. Crow said...

I'm jealous! I miss the beach so much. Put me on the list for a scarf!

kelleylogan said...

Your mom's blog is soo cute. You are lucky to have such a creative mother! I am going to try out that chex mix!