Tuesday, October 17, 2006

This is so not an excuse!

A year ago when I began blogging I promised myself that I’d never apologize for taking so long in between posts. It always annoys me when other people do that. I mean just stop being lazy and update! (Don’t go back and check, I’m pretty sure I haven’t ever done this.) However, I've recently gotten a new job. Yes it's true, I’ve gone corporate. My hours are now 7:45 AM!-5:15, which translates: “I have very little time during the week to do anything but sleep and knit!” Being that this is my second week, I’m starting to adjust to my new wake up before the sun schedule. Did you know it’s still dark at 6:15? However I have lucked out by not having to get up this early the past 6+ years, except the occasional early flight, I will never know. The past few days Sherman has decided that I shouldn’t be allowed to hit snooze for 20 minutes and encourages me, (encourage=tries to drink the water on my night table but instead almost knocks it over), to wake up earlier than I have to. He’s a lovely kitten.

So, anyway, I like my new job.

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Aunt Betty said...

I'm glad you like your job. Tell us about it.