Friday, September 08, 2006

Stirring up some publicity.

I realized a way to bring more people to my blog. All I need to do is drop some celeb keywords, like BRITNEY SPEARS, so when people do google searches for popular things my site will pop up. Granted they'll be pissed to realize it isn't a site about ANGELINA JOLIE AND BRAD PITT, but in fact just some girl in Tulsa with cats. Perhaps, someone searching for PICTURES OF SURI CRUISE will be miffed to learn this site does not contain pictures of famous babies. Anyone wanting to view PARIS HILTON'S MUG SHOT or um, her SEX VIDEO, will be gravely disappointed to find only videos of adorable cats. Ok, that last one might bring the wrong type of people, hmm. Yeah, I wouldn't want anyone looking for PORN to accidentally come to this site.

So, we'll see if this works.


Vickie said...

What an amazing blog!It was totally not BRAD PITT that drew me here.

Ztfranks said...

Hey wheres the PORN that I google searched for dang...all these CATS and HOBBY LOBBIES and ZAC BIRTHDAY BLOG AND SINGING PRAISE TO THE LARWD