Monday, September 25, 2006

1 year yesterday.

Yesterday we celebrated our first anniversary. We're at the beach enjoying the sun and the sand. We went to dinner and then for a bike ride to the beach. Bikes are the main form of transportation around here.

The weather is wonderful. Though I am slightly sunburned. Some woman at a store told me I needed to wear more sunscreen. My dad however laid at the beach for about 4 or 5 hours yesterday. He looks ethnic, like perhaps he doesn't belong to our family. My aunts, Margo and Peggy, and cousin Connie are here today. We're about to go to the pool. I'm going to try and catch up to my dad.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

And now for some R&R!

Starting tomorrow morning Nathan and I will be on vacation for the next 9 days. We're flying to Birmingham and then driving down to Seaside with my family. I'm pumped. I plan to return with a tan! I may be able to update some while I'm gone if we can find Internet. Otherwise, plan on a super long post when I return. We'll be celebrating our first wedding anniversary on Sunday! Oh how time flies.

You may be wondering what we're doing with our precious angels while we're gone. Our awesome neighbor will be feeding and loving on them all week. Hopefully, Isabell won't bully Sherman too much.

Oh, and did I mention that one of Nathan's fish had 25 babies the other day? Yeah, they're tiny little black fish about the size of ants. So cute. Isabell said she'd be happy to watch them while we're gone.

See you guys next week!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

N&A's Animal Rescue

1. Determine where the animal is stuck in the log.

2. Use a flashlight and chopsticks to pull the animal to safety.

3. Examine to make sure the animal is ok.

4. Return the animal to his home.
Larry the snail says, "Thank you!"

Monday, September 11, 2006

Nathan has a green thumb.

These started out simply as seeds in a pot. Look what Nathan has turned them into! ;-)
Nathan's Morning Glory.

They only bloom in the morning, hence their name. So, he goes out to see them every morning with a cup of tea in his hand.
We get excited about plants. We're such grownups.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Stirring up some publicity.

I realized a way to bring more people to my blog. All I need to do is drop some celeb keywords, like BRITNEY SPEARS, so when people do google searches for popular things my site will pop up. Granted they'll be pissed to realize it isn't a site about ANGELINA JOLIE AND BRAD PITT, but in fact just some girl in Tulsa with cats. Perhaps, someone searching for PICTURES OF SURI CRUISE will be miffed to learn this site does not contain pictures of famous babies. Anyone wanting to view PARIS HILTON'S MUG SHOT or um, her SEX VIDEO, will be gravely disappointed to find only videos of adorable cats. Ok, that last one might bring the wrong type of people, hmm. Yeah, I wouldn't want anyone looking for PORN to accidentally come to this site.

So, we'll see if this works.

Monster Mix.

No, this post isn't about an 80's hard rock compilation CD. Target has this trail mix or "gorp" as my mother used to call it. It's really addictive, don't buy it. I kind of thought I wouldn't like the peanut butter chips in it, little did I know this would be the best part. I remove the raisins, obviously. So yeah stay away from this stuff.