Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fresh Crayons.

Every year around this time stores stock the back to school section with crisp notebooks, pencils with brand new pink erasers and boxes of crayons with that yummy smell that soon takes over your new backpack. Buying new school supplies was one of the only things that I looked forward to when school started back. I was always optimistic about beginning a new year. The summer seemed to melt away the memories of too much homework, boring books and rude teachers. I loved perfectly packing my backpack with my new supplies the night before. Sure by Christmas the notebooks are wrinkled, the erasers have been chewed off and the red and yellow crayons are broken and rolling around with crumbs in the bottom of your backpack. It was still fun. The little things helped me push through the stressful side of school.

It was the same way once I started college. The first day of class was the only morning all year that I would wake up in time to fully get ready in an outfit I'd picked out the night before. Granted every day after that I got ready in 15 minutes. On the days I had to dress nicely and wear makeup to give a speech, my classmates would always compliment me. The way they would say so surprisingly, "Oh, wow you look nice." Uh huh, thanks.

I have been done with school for over a year now and I must say I felt a slight pang of sadness when I saw the "Back to School" signs at the drug store. Later, I checked the mail only to find Belmont's quarterly magazine with pictures of the campus and lists of events. Again, forgetting the nights I was up until 6 A.M. writing papers (ok, that only happened once and it was an annotated bibliography) or the mornings I was sick to my stomach over the thought of being called on in Italian to interpret something I didn't know in front of my 5 multi-lingual classmates. I was still jealous that I didn't have something new starting. Until I realized that it doesn't have to be about school. I can feel the same way about a new job or maybe just a new journal.

For me this time of year will always represent starting a new chapter in life. No matter what you have going on find something that will help you start fresh, whether it be a new job, new fall clothes, or just new pencils.

Seriously, do you not want to take a huge whiff of those?


Vickie said...

I have the same memories, yours and mine. You inspired me to start something new! I'm not sure where you got the tendency for pica with the erasers,(probably from Dad), but rememember there are always things to do with broken crayons, like crayon melties.

Mrs. Crow said...

A NEW JOB WOULD BE GREAT! Thankfully there are prospects on the horizon . . .

Tisha Fransen said...

ok first of all, of course your mom has a use for broken crayons. is there anything that woman can't do? second, you are so right everywhere I go I see back to school signs and it's slightly depressing that I don't have new outfits to wear or a nice clean backpack. that's for your blog I am inspired to start fresh!