Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Where My Girls At?

Over the past week or so I've started realizing the lack of time I spend with girls. I specifically mean the best friend type who you shop, complain giggle about boys, and eat too much ice cream with. What those aren't stereotypes? This came to me the other day while I was drying my hair. As I angrily tried to style my bangs, I realized I hadn't once mentioned to anyone that I was growing them out. Later, I told Nathan about my epiphany. He told me that he would talk about my bangs. Very sweet. However, I truly doubt he would enjoy a 45-minute conversation about bang lengths, shapes, styles, and function. (Unless they were his bangs.)

It's just that I miss calling Tisha to plan a last minute sleepover. I miss staying up late with a bunch of friends and never running out of things to talk about. I miss going to see a chick flick and crying even though it's corny. I miss having someone to get a pedicure with. Sure living with a boy is cool, but they won't notice that your eyeshadow matches your shoes or that your eyelashes look especially long, are you using a new mascara? So, to everyone who has a friend like this within a reasonable distance, hug her and tell her how much you appreciate her.
I miss you guys!!


Tisha Fransen said...

Aww... ;..( maybe you should come spend a weekend in Nashville. so we can catch up and hang like old times.

Tisha Fransen said...

I meant for that to be one sentence.