Saturday, July 01, 2006

I say "squirrel" a lot in this post.

I had this idea that I thought Isabell would love. I got her a bird feeder. She loves to chirp at the birds and it seemed to be a perfect way to bring them closer. I got one that said it was squirrel resistant and by squirrel "resistant" I assume they meant squirrels will swarm to it like it is the last food source on planet Earth, no... make that the Universe. So, instead of birds we've had little brown fuzzy creatures making a mess on our ledge. Isabell does not care that it is the wrong animal partaking of the food. She has been by the window for the past 48+ hours and has only left long enough to eat and put some food in Sherman's water. The squirrels could really care less if you 1. Knock loudly on the window. 2. Tell them you'll open the window for the cat. 3. Or throw pinecones at them. They munch away, getting food all over their faces and hands.

Sherman is confused as to what the appeal is of squirrels. Here Isabell trys to explain. (I would tell you what it is, but I don't speak cat.)

I also have this picture of Nathan from when I lived in Nashville. I've been saving it for the appropriate time. I can't think of a better one. My neighbors had "Rocky" as a pet for about a week until he died.

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