Monday, July 31, 2006

I bet you thought I had melted.

I'm sorry I've been away so long. I blame it all on the heat. Seriously, it has zapped my creativity. Nathan and I have locked ourselves up in the apartment with the air on, blinds down, Scrabble board open, documentary playing. I'm going to push on through the disgusting weather and update...

The most exciting thing that has happened lately would be the visiting of my family. Last week, they came to see me. My mom made it a point to be with me the whole time, so we were quite inseparable. She went with me to work and met Abby and Jackson. She oohed and gooed over them like I do everyday. I tried to show her around Tulsa a little. We went and got spray tans. (If you haven't yet tried this, you totally should. I laugh the whole time it sprays me, because it's just so weird. It made me two shades darker...unfortunately two shades darker than pale still does not equal tan.) I took her to some local shops. But mostly we sat around and watched movies. She had an overload of Ambytime and is now having difficulty adjusting back to normal life. I also get upset when we separate and apparently I have been doing this since I was a baby. I think it has something to do with being breastfed for too long.

My brother and dad had some work to do while they were here. So, I mostly saw them at meal time. One of the nights we had dinner with Nathan's parents at India Palace, our favorite restaurant. It's very fun to be with both of our families at the same time. We are all a bit goofy. Except our dads who sat at the end of the table and talked missions and Bible the whole time, while everyone else was making obscene jokes. I also took them to try Pei Wei for the first time, so delicious.

And of course everyone finally got to meet our little Sherman. I'm quite sure their lives will never be the same. It was nice to have them here. Hopefully, we'll be seeing them again next month at the beach!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It must be love.

Can I just say that Tulsa is the worst place to be in July?! Hell has nothing on this city. Today for example, it's 103...but it "feels" like 109, according to them. Air conditioners everywhere are grasping for a breath, because even with air it's still hot. I grew up in the South where it too gets rather sweaty in the summer, but the air here is different. As soon as you step foot out the door, or look out the window for that matter, you begin to sweat. I could shower 3 times a day and still feel icky. Awesome.

The cats keep taking naps on the kitchen floor, I guess it's cooler. So I'm going to go try that.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Where My Girls At?

Over the past week or so I've started realizing the lack of time I spend with girls. I specifically mean the best friend type who you shop, complain giggle about boys, and eat too much ice cream with. What those aren't stereotypes? This came to me the other day while I was drying my hair. As I angrily tried to style my bangs, I realized I hadn't once mentioned to anyone that I was growing them out. Later, I told Nathan about my epiphany. He told me that he would talk about my bangs. Very sweet. However, I truly doubt he would enjoy a 45-minute conversation about bang lengths, shapes, styles, and function. (Unless they were his bangs.)

It's just that I miss calling Tisha to plan a last minute sleepover. I miss staying up late with a bunch of friends and never running out of things to talk about. I miss going to see a chick flick and crying even though it's corny. I miss having someone to get a pedicure with. Sure living with a boy is cool, but they won't notice that your eyeshadow matches your shoes or that your eyelashes look especially long, are you using a new mascara? So, to everyone who has a friend like this within a reasonable distance, hug her and tell her how much you appreciate her.
I miss you guys!!

Monday, July 03, 2006

I spy.

Can anyone find the naughty kitten?

Hmm...where could he be?

He's not in the kitchen. Maybe the bathroom..

Oh, there he is.

Now if only I could find Isabell...

Man, they're such tricksters.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

I say "squirrel" a lot in this post.

I had this idea that I thought Isabell would love. I got her a bird feeder. She loves to chirp at the birds and it seemed to be a perfect way to bring them closer. I got one that said it was squirrel resistant and by squirrel "resistant" I assume they meant squirrels will swarm to it like it is the last food source on planet Earth, no... make that the Universe. So, instead of birds we've had little brown fuzzy creatures making a mess on our ledge. Isabell does not care that it is the wrong animal partaking of the food. She has been by the window for the past 48+ hours and has only left long enough to eat and put some food in Sherman's water. The squirrels could really care less if you 1. Knock loudly on the window. 2. Tell them you'll open the window for the cat. 3. Or throw pinecones at them. They munch away, getting food all over their faces and hands.

Sherman is confused as to what the appeal is of squirrels. Here Isabell trys to explain. (I would tell you what it is, but I don't speak cat.)

I also have this picture of Nathan from when I lived in Nashville. I've been saving it for the appropriate time. I can't think of a better one. My neighbors had "Rocky" as a pet for about a week until he died.