Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Well played.

We got hit with some pretty wicked weather here the other night. It woke us up at 6:00 in the morning. I can't recall ever seeing so much lightening during a storm. It seemed to be raining more lighting than water. Our power was going on and off. The kitties sat in bed with us just watching how crazy the lightening was. As we were going back to sleep Nathan said, "And it's 6-6-06." Nice. The next morning we had a rough time coming up with breakfast that didn't require heat. We started heading towards one of our favorite diner's, but the traffic was awful. Obviously, we hadn't realized the extent of the damage. There were trees down everywhere and it seemed that no one had electricity including the place we wanted to eat. Apparently, a micro burst had hit at about 17th and Harvard. We live only about 5 blocks away. The frustrating part about it all was not having any way to watch the news or check the weather. We rode our bikes around town to assess the damage and Nathan took some pictures.

There's a house under there.

The Ferris wheel at Bell's amusement park.

Gotta love the smiling man.

We have our power back now or should I say we can get online again! I think I'd rather give up cool air and a cup of tea for the Internet....

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