Tuesday, June 20, 2006

No No No.

Something about going to Birmingham gives me a terrible case of baby fever. I normally don't think too much about it. I guess it's getting together with family and also hearing about how many people I grew up with are pregnant. It makes me feel like maybe I should be, too. There is a different mind sight back home. Most of the people I'm around in Tulsa didn't have children until they were in their 30's or are waiting until then. I really don't want them yet. Seriously. Earlier Sherman was asleep on Nathan's chest and he kept smiling at him and kissing him. It was so sweet and I found myself daydreaming that it was a baby. I also keep ending up on baby blogs where women talk about their pregnancy, they put up pregnancy pics, talk about labor, etc. The past 2 days at work I haven't wanted to put Jackson down. Ahhh!!

Must resist the desire to procreate...not time yet...Blah. Maybe we'll win the lottery this week. We've promised each other that if we win we'll immediately begin having lots of babies. Here's hoping. I'm going to go coddle Sherman.

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