Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Knock, Knock.

Last night, my husband was rehearsing with his band while I sat at home alone playing the Sims. It seemed like the perfect evening. I was about to get in bed and read the latest Glamour, while watching Conan. Wonderful. Then out of no where there was a knock on the kitchen door. There are a couple of things that were wrong with this. 1. We never use that door and anyone who has ever been here knows that. 2. It was midnight and I wasn't expecting anyone. 3. I was by myself. I panicked and slowly turned down the TV got up from my computer and ran into the bedroom to call Nathan. He sounded freaked and said he'd be right home. He told me to call our neighbors, Josh and Renee. The person knocked again. Not cool! Even Isabell looked scared. I was so tempted to peek and see who it was, but I knew they would hear me walk towards the door. What if I had looked out to see a giant scary person with no teeth standing there. Would that have made me feel better? I felt like such a wuss. I mean I lived alone for 3 years and rarely had a moment of high blood pressure. I've lived with Nathan for less than 8 months and a knock on the door sends me into a cold panic. Seriously, what burglar knocks on the door? Once Nathan got home of course the mystery knocker had fled. We still don't know who it was. I'm alone again tonight, but the doors downstairs that lead into the building are locked.

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