Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Full House.

In the past 7 days we've managed to acquire 15 new pets. One of our friends just packed up and moved to Oregon and offered Nathan his fish tank. Nathan begged .......asked me if he could have it. There was no way I could refuse, because in his eyes I saw the excitement of a 5-year old boy asking his mom if he can keep his new frog. "Sure honey, but you have to take care of it." Nathan loves getting new animals. He wants one of everything when we go to PetCo. Really, who needs a chinchilla, a parrot, and a guinea pig? Um, Nathan apparently. Every time he says, "we need to think about getting a parrot, etc." It's cute. I'm that way, but only with kittens. I would have 30 if I could and you better believe they would all sleep with me......and the guinea pig, and the parrot, and the chinchilla.

So, now we have 14 fish and 2 cats. My how we've grown.

Isabell thinks it's a stupid idea to have food as a pet. She rolls her eyes every time we talk about it.

Sherman on the other hand thinks they're "so cool."

We went to PetCo tonight, because Nathan wanted to look at the fish. The salesman was making recommendations on what to add. We have 2 neon something or other fish and he said we better get one more, because they get "stressed" when they can't travel in 3's. I wanted to say that if fish really stress, then it's probably over the two cats who are licking their lips and sharpening their claws in front of their tank.

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