Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Are you just so excited?

The past 2 days I have been sick, like puking everything I eat sick. Not cool. You see this is the downside to my job. I catch what the kids have and then I'm too sick to work. Yesterday, I layed in bed most of the day because I was too nauseous to move. By the evening I ventured out of the bedroom to sit in front of my computer. My friend Tony called and I told him that I hadn't felt well. He immediately said, "Oh, because of the morning sickness?" You see he thinks it's funny to joke that I'm pregnant. Whenever Nathan hears this he immediately blocks his ears as if that will keep it from really happening. I have moments when I see pregnant women and think "aw that looks fun." Then I go to work and snap out of it. I'm not ready to give up my selfish habits; sleeping late, playing video games, surfing myspace for hours, buying things for myself. All of which will surely end once baby comes. But you know what I dread the most about being pregnant? People asking me if I'm excited. Just like they did when I was engaged. Every time I wanted to respond with, "No, I'm so upset that I am voluntarily marrying the person I love more than life. I can't believe I have to wear that beautiful dress and get married in a lovely church in front of everyone I know. Combined with the fact that we get tons of presents for doing something we already wanted to do. I'm bummed. Thanks for asking."


kelleylogan said...

Just so you know...I sleep late, surf myspace for hours and still buy things for myself, and I have a kid! Either through luck or just awesome parenting I have somehow managed to have a toddler that sleeps until at least nine. At times, I have actually had to drag her out of bed at eleven. Actually, maybe that isn't awesome parenting. But, anyway, it is possible! Just pass on your lazy habits to your children. : )

Amby said...

Wow. I think you should write a book on parenting. I must say that your methods are quite refreshing. :-)