Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Full House.

In the past 7 days we've managed to acquire 15 new pets. One of our friends just packed up and moved to Oregon and offered Nathan his fish tank. Nathan begged .......asked me if he could have it. There was no way I could refuse, because in his eyes I saw the excitement of a 5-year old boy asking his mom if he can keep his new frog. "Sure honey, but you have to take care of it." Nathan loves getting new animals. He wants one of everything when we go to PetCo. Really, who needs a chinchilla, a parrot, and a guinea pig? Um, Nathan apparently. Every time he says, "we need to think about getting a parrot, etc." It's cute. I'm that way, but only with kittens. I would have 30 if I could and you better believe they would all sleep with me......and the guinea pig, and the parrot, and the chinchilla.

So, now we have 14 fish and 2 cats. My how we've grown.

Isabell thinks it's a stupid idea to have food as a pet. She rolls her eyes every time we talk about it.

Sherman on the other hand thinks they're "so cool."

We went to PetCo tonight, because Nathan wanted to look at the fish. The salesman was making recommendations on what to add. We have 2 neon something or other fish and he said we better get one more, because they get "stressed" when they can't travel in 3's. I wanted to say that if fish really stress, then it's probably over the two cats who are licking their lips and sharpening their claws in front of their tank.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Sherman the German.

We've had Sherman for a week now. He has been a bundle of joy thus far. Even though he wakes me up an hour before my alarm, I really adore him.
Here are some pictures of his new adventure filled life with the Barnes:

Isabell's adjusting well to her new role as big sis.
She bully's him a little, but what sister doesn't bully her little bro? ( Though she hasn't dressed him up in a leotard and wig quite yet.)

I updated him on what he's missed.

We snuggle. I'm taking advantage of the cuddly kitten stage. He sleeps in my arms. ( I told you Isabell.)

He's learned to do his part around the house.

I'm quite smitten.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Here's some video footage of Sherman.

Monday, May 22, 2006

I got a kitten!!

Meet Sherman McKenna Barnes...

We adopted him today. He's absolutely adorable and very rambunctious. He's climbinG on the o0--------keyboard as we speak. Isabell isn't so sure, but we told her that we both had to deal with younger siblings. We've grown to like them. She'll grow to like him, too.

As you can imagine there will be a million more pictures to follow!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Deprived no longer!

Lately when I'm tired and don't want to make dinner, but want my husband to think I've put some effort into preparing him a meal, I buy a rotisserie chicken and a box of Velveeta Shells and Cheese. I can't say I ever remember having Velveeta, ever. Not once. I never knew how amazing it was. Every time I make it I feel like I'm a bad wife for serving something to my husband that was so easy to prepare. This is soley my mom's fault. Something along the lines of a women is worthless if she can't cook. She's only kidding, sort of. She's programmed me to not like overly pre-prepared meals. I walk through the grocery store and see other women choosing Hamburger Helper and the "just throw in the pot and heat" stir fry combinations and I feel a singe of jealousy go through my bones. But I just can't do it. Once I bought one of those frozen meals that you cook in a crockpot. By the time it was finished I threw it out, because I couldn't bare the thought of serving it to Nathan. We weren't married then and maybe I was afraid he would change his mind. Whenever I serve Velveeta I apologize to him. (Even though I secretly don't care, because I'm too focused on how delicious it will taste.)

My mom was right though. When he introduces me to people sometimes he randomly throws in the fact that I can cook. Thanks Mom.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Knock, Knock.

Last night, my husband was rehearsing with his band while I sat at home alone playing the Sims. It seemed like the perfect evening. I was about to get in bed and read the latest Glamour, while watching Conan. Wonderful. Then out of no where there was a knock on the kitchen door. There are a couple of things that were wrong with this. 1. We never use that door and anyone who has ever been here knows that. 2. It was midnight and I wasn't expecting anyone. 3. I was by myself. I panicked and slowly turned down the TV got up from my computer and ran into the bedroom to call Nathan. He sounded freaked and said he'd be right home. He told me to call our neighbors, Josh and Renee. The person knocked again. Not cool! Even Isabell looked scared. I was so tempted to peek and see who it was, but I knew they would hear me walk towards the door. What if I had looked out to see a giant scary person with no teeth standing there. Would that have made me feel better? I felt like such a wuss. I mean I lived alone for 3 years and rarely had a moment of high blood pressure. I've lived with Nathan for less than 8 months and a knock on the door sends me into a cold panic. Seriously, what burglar knocks on the door? Once Nathan got home of course the mystery knocker had fled. We still don't know who it was. I'm alone again tonight, but the doors downstairs that lead into the building are locked.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Are you just so excited?

The past 2 days I have been sick, like puking everything I eat sick. Not cool. You see this is the downside to my job. I catch what the kids have and then I'm too sick to work. Yesterday, I layed in bed most of the day because I was too nauseous to move. By the evening I ventured out of the bedroom to sit in front of my computer. My friend Tony called and I told him that I hadn't felt well. He immediately said, "Oh, because of the morning sickness?" You see he thinks it's funny to joke that I'm pregnant. Whenever Nathan hears this he immediately blocks his ears as if that will keep it from really happening. I have moments when I see pregnant women and think "aw that looks fun." Then I go to work and snap out of it. I'm not ready to give up my selfish habits; sleeping late, playing video games, surfing myspace for hours, buying things for myself. All of which will surely end once baby comes. But you know what I dread the most about being pregnant? People asking me if I'm excited. Just like they did when I was engaged. Every time I wanted to respond with, "No, I'm so upset that I am voluntarily marrying the person I love more than life. I can't believe I have to wear that beautiful dress and get married in a lovely church in front of everyone I know. Combined with the fact that we get tons of presents for doing something we already wanted to do. I'm bummed. Thanks for asking."

Monday, May 01, 2006

I think the neighbors have started talking.

Would someone please tell my whhhhyyy this is by my front door? I had totally forgotten about it being out there when the pizza man came last night. Not only did it probably scare the blank out of him, but now everyone at Pizza Hut probably thinks we're some perverted couple. When I opened the door he was staring at it. The only explanation I could muster was, "Sorry about that. It's my husband's." I'm sure then he just felt sorry for me. I mean not only do my friends look at me strangely when they come over, but every time I walk out the door I see him and about jump out of my skin.So, what's the reason for there being a British Flag THONG wearing mannequin outside my door? I'm afraid we'll never understand.

The Talented Mr. T.

My super cool friend Tony, who also happens to be a very talented photographer, took these pictures of Nathan the other night. He set up his fancy equipment in the spare apartment that we use for storage. You'd never know that the room we were in looks like a crackhouse. He's that good.