Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A year older.

This past weekend was very fun due to my brother coming to visit and my birthday. Last Thursday I turned 24. Nathan and I celebrated me gaining another years worth of wisdom by eating dinner in the park. Afterwards, I needed a cookie cake. Every year since I was old enough to have an opinion on cake, my mom has made a cookie cake. MMM. Since my mom doesn't live here and Nathan isn't into baking I made my own. I thought it was kind of sad, so to contribute Nathan said he'd decorate it. First he made an "A" and then he did the border. I tried to tell him how to make a flower, which is the poop like dot below the "A". He then drew the arrow. He says it means I am a flower. However, I can't help but think it says "Amby is poop". Either way it was really cute that he decorated it.

Then on Sunday we celebrated again at Nathan's parents. His mom got me a serious cookie cake. In case you aren't familiar with serious cookie cakes, it was a double decker with icing in the middle. It was quite yummy.

We had some good times with my brother. He left yesterday. Nathan and I both keep thinking he's here. We weren't ready for him to leave yet. Isabell, or Neiceabella as Zac calls her, was also sad to see him go. She once again tried to protest. Unfortunately, the 10 pounds of cat on Zac's suitcase didn't keep him here.

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Tisha Fransen said...

I thought the cookie cake said A-hole. ;)