Saturday, April 29, 2006

Tough kittens.

Nathan informed me a couple of weeks ago that our friends, John and Amanda's cat, Tofu, had gotten in some trouble and was pregnant. (As you may know I've been wanting a kitten.) The babies were born last Friday. There are four of them. We don't know which one we'll get, but they're sooooo cute. I went to see them Wednesday. They still haven't opened their eyes and you can't tell their sex yet. I picked up a little fuzzy grey one. He/she fit perfectly in the palm of my hand. I put him/her up to my face to talk to it. Then he/she hissed at me! It was hilarious. A tiny blind kitten was hissing. It made me sad though because he/she was scared. I'll have to taky my camera back with me next time. There is nothing cuter than a kitten.

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