Saturday, April 29, 2006

Kid Friendly Kitty.

One of the little girls I keep, Abby who is almost 3, has been really wanting to meet Isabell. I've been trying to get them together, so the other day I went and got Abby and brought her over. Isabell was waiting by the door thinking I would soon be home to shower her and only her with love and attention. When I opened the door she saw me...then she noticed Abby. Isabell literally jumped back, like what have you brought home now?! (She hasn't had much experience with children.) Isabell, who is normally a social butterfly, kept hiding. She wanted little to do with the almost 3 year old. I finally had to pick up the wiggly cat so Abby could pet her. Once I realized that Isabell wasn't going to be friendly I tried to find something else to entertain Abby. She loved Nathan's office due to the instruments everywhere. Then I read her our only kids book "Everyone Poops"(um, which belongs to Nathan). She giggled through the whole book. So cute.


(No, I don't need my own children.)

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