Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Kittens

I was off of work on Saturday, which was a big deal because it seems like it's been forever since I've been both off of work and healthy. (Nathan and I have been sick for the past week or so.) Anyway, so I was really pumped to go to bed on Friday night. I love going to bed and not setting an alarm and not stressing over the time and the fact that I can still see the red numbers burning into my brain because my eyes are still open. I can watch Conan in peace and doze off at my own leisure.

Saturday, we woke up and had tea and toast in bed. The tea made me want to clean house. That lasted about as long as the caffeine. Then we decided to get a kitten. I have seen so many ads for kittens up until the point that it's actually possible (meaning Nathan is up for it) to get one. I could not find any free kittens. They are like $90 to adopt. Yes, they do come with shots, tests and eventually that pays for a hysterectomy. However, I was thinking we could pay for it gradually, kind of like a credit card, you know as she needs something we'll have it done. (My parents are shaking their head's at me right now, I can feel it.) (They should know that I'm obsessed with getting kittens and will stop at nothing.) So, we drove around to various grocery stores and pet shops looking for ads. Nothing! I was really hoping to return home with a little sister for Isabell. I had even brought a towel to rub the mommy cat with so the kitten would be able to smell her for a couple of days. (I've heard you're supposed to do this.) When I got the towel I told Nathan it would be sad to return home with an empty towel. And well, yes it was.

Sunday, was the Super who gives a crap Bowl, please forgive my language. Isabell and I chose to watch the puppy bowl on Animal Planet, instead. Sure it wasn't that much different, a bunch of dogs running on a field licking themselves, but these dogs were a lot cuter. And I must say the kitty halftime show was waaaay better than the Rotting...I mean... Rolling Stones.

In between all of the kitten drama, we had our friends Josh and Christina over to play some serious card games. Another sign that we've reached the next age group, I'm obsessed with playing cards with other couple friends.

We had a great weekend minus the not getting a kitten part.

I also found two websites that I can't get enough of:

The second one promotes favoritism among kittens. Being the pathetic softy that I am it makes me sad to choose which kitten is the cutest. So, they have all been a draw so far. (And yes, I've submitted Isabell's picture, duh.)

On another cat note, Nathan just left and Isabell is standing at the door meowing incessantly. Favoritism. I hate it. Instead, I choose to believe she has an appointment and I'm making her late by not opening the door.

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Angelene and Jonny said...

Hey Amby, I just spoke to Chip- he asked me about you, said that you nanny for his kids a little bit.
Small world.
Thought I'd comment on a few of your blogs while I was here:
Kittens are awesome- Angelene loves them, but doesn't like cats, which can pose a problem...
I say "soda" as well- I get a lot of crap for it, must be because my parents are from up east...
You should check out "Umberto's" New York style pizza, we love it (& it's not far from your place)
they deliver too...