Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Dumpster Diver

Last night Nathan and I had dinner at his parents. After dinner he decided to go look through some of his stuff that they are storing for him. He found a few things he needed to bring home. Well, there was a garbage bag full of stuff. It got left outside the door to our apartment. We have a building to ourselves, so it's normally not a big deal. Anyway, so it was sitting where I normally put the trash when it needs to go out. Today when I was cleaning I walked out and noticed that it was gone. Nathan being the good husband that he is had carried it to the dumpster. He was at work when I realized what had happened. He freaked out and begged that I go look in the dumpster for it. He tells me that there is a large stick in the front yard and that I should get it. So, I'm walking around our apartment to the dumpster in the middle of the day carrying a really large stick. I was praying that none of our neighbors were watching. But sure enough out comes a lady carrying trash. She gave me the strangest look, because by this point I have the stick in the dumpster and I'm poking around. I sort of mumble that my husband accidently threw something away. She tells me that she believes me that I'm not a dumpster diver. She said that since she was taller she would help. So, we poke around a few bags of old, rotting food until we see the top of a little keyboard sticking out. I pointed and said, "that's it." She pulls and tugs until it comes free. She tells me that my husband really owes me, which I already knew.

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